It happens in an instant, life. One moment you’re sixteen and boys are the most important thing in the world, the next moment it might all be over. Just imagine it. You are driving down the highway, that one song on the radio, windows down in the summer breeze. You sigh, life feels pretty great right now, for the first time in a long time you really can’t complain. This is out of character for you, and you enjoy this newfound feeling of happiness and ease. But, as quick as that feeling comes, so does the truck. You see the truck swerve into your lane, and the world goes into slow motion. It is coming, whether you react or not, that truck is coming for you. Stunned in shock and desperation, you hit the brakes, but it doesn’t matter. The moment felt slow, but in reality it was less than a second. There was nothing you could have done. Time doesn’t return to normal quite yet, and the truck slams into your side of the car. You scream out; no, this can’t be happening, but it is. You careen forward and slam into the steering wheel as the airbag shoots out. You can feel your wrist snap under the pressure of the bag, and you scream out in pain. Another airbag comes from the side and cracks the cartilage in your ear, but the adrenaline has kicked in and you feel nothing. This hit, this should have been the end, but the car hasn’t stopped. Why are you still moving, where are you going? The terror builds up more as these seconds take an hour to play out. The ground beneath the tires gets rough, and you are bumping and jostling all around the seat, bouncing between the deflating airbags. Then suddenly, with a furious crash, the car stops. It doesn’t slow to a stop, doesn’t stop gently, but slams again. This time, the airbags aren’t there to cushion your blow, they’ve fully deflated from the first hit. The pain explodes throughout your entire body as you realize that it’s over. You’re over. And just like that, life happened in an instant.


One Day

The snows fall in the city.
My heart feels complete when I am here.
I belong here, in this hustle and bustle world of fast careers and late nights.
I never want to leave.
I have finally found a place that I can call my own, a place where I fit in with everyone around me.
One day I will make you my home.
One day we can be together and I can finally be happy.
One day, everything will feel right.